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Search Process

  • Develop a specific and detailed description of the position with Client
  • Target the geographic preference
  • Target selected Candidates within the geographic preference
  • A list of Targeted Candidates is presented to Client for their review and approval
  • Selected Candidates are contacted on a "No Name of Client" basis. Background information, origination and personal production statistics, personal characteristics, motivation, etc. is collected from the targeted Candidates
  • Qualified and interested Candidates are presented to Client for preliminary review
  • Candidates are selected and interviews are scheduled
  • Feedback from interviews are collected and discussed with Candidate and Client
  • Finalist candidates are chosen and additional interviews are scheduled as needed
  • Decision is reached and an offer is prepared, reviewed and submitted
  • Finalist Candidate accepts offer subject to Clients internal requirements
  • Start Date is established
  • Finalist Candidate provides notice to current employer
  • Potential "counter-offer" by Candidate's current employer is rejected
  • Selected Candidate begins employment with Client